RW8003 Antique Miel Goat

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R. Watson presents these antique miel goat and black luster goat western boots. These boots have a 10 row stitch pattern, R. Watson comfort system, all leather stacked heel, counters, solid steel shank, and 10 iron outsole. 11″ total in height.

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 8 in



2-Wide Square



Top Color

Soft Black


Antique Meil Goat

Vamp Color

Toscama Miel Soto


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5 reviews for RW8003 Antique Miel Goat

  1. Ian

    Like heaven on your feet, and they catch a lot of looks. You can tell the craftsmanship at first glance.
    I wear these both as dress and work in my blacksmith shop.

  2. David Howard

    First, thank you. I’m not in the habit of sending e-mails or reviewing products. It takes a lot to move my needle. My right foot has some arthritis and I couldn’t find a pair of boots that didn’t cause me to walk funny or forget about how my right foot felt. I spent 2 hours shopping for boots over the weekend, trying multiple pair on but not a pair fit properly. I was pretty discouraged that after two hours and trying on several pair of boots there wasn’t a single pair that fit properly or took away that miserable feeling I was getting on that right foot. I just about reached the conclusion I couldn’t wear boots anymore. Then, as I reached the end of my journey, I saw a nice display of a boot company I never heard of and there was a pair of boots shining and catching my eye… the RW8003 Antique Miel Goat. I slipped that on and bought them instantly. Wore them all weekend and the break-in accounted for no time at all… I mean none. These are, hands down, the best boots I have ever slipped on my feet. I wouldn’t expect anyone other than a man wearing a boot with a right foot that felt (yes felt) like mine did to believe me when I say… my right foot feels normal and I don’t walk funny anymore. The reason I keep saying “right” foot is because I need a wider boot for a right foot that is a bit wider than the left. I dare any man to find a boot that fits right with two feet that don’t match size or shape. With these boots that started out yours and are now mine (you can’t have them back) there’s no shortage of room in the right boot nor is there too much room in the left boot and I’m not wearing two different sizes. This is truly the Cinderella story playing out. The quality is over the top, but I don’t need to tell you that. So, I’ll finish the same way I started this message… thank you.

  3. Mike Zawacki

    I have been wearing these boots for one week now. I am very happy with the fit and finish of these well made boots. I have received many compliments on them. I really appreciate the process and materials used in the making of these boots. They are my first pair of leather soled boots. I love the way the ground feels under my feet. I have a feeling this will not be the last pair I purchase.

  4. Dustin

    By far the most favorite pair of boots I’ve ever owned. The style, craftsmanship and comfort are unmatched.

  5. Wyatt Adams

    After buying a competitors brand and 5 bad pairs I started doing research, found out about this brand was hesitant at first I talked to Randy super nice guy ! I ordered a pair and could instantly tell the quality to the competition no comparison! Zero ! Save your money and buy the best these boots are the best after wearing another brand for over 30 years I’m glad I found Rwatson. Hands down the Best boot out there today. Thanks for all your help Randy you earned a customer for life.

    Wyatt Adams

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