R.Watson are made to last for generations.

So let’s keep ‘em looking good.

Looking for a little help to keep those boots looking as sharp as the first day you bought them? Look no further.

Do not condition or polish suede boots as it will damage the leather.

You will need to choose a suede-specific cleaner to clean and care for these boots.

Store boots away from the elements in a place that is dark and dry.

Keep them in a closet, on a shoe shelf, or even in a boot box to keep your boots safe and dry when they're not on your feet.

Don’t wear the same pair of boots two days in a row. It is always best to alternate boots daily to allow them to properly dry.

The good news is that we sell many styles, so you can have many to choose from.

Clean and condition your boots every 1-2 months.

See our recommended products in the section above, or use your preferred cleaning products to keep your boots looking their best for longer.