10 Must Have Western Boot Features

Any company can sell you a boot that looks authentic at a glance. But what does it take to deliver an heirloom quality product with craftsmanship in every detail that truly lives up to the Cowboy Code? Let’s find out...

1. It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts
Many boot companies use a pig skin or synthetic lining, because it is a cheaper product. This is not something you would likely notice upfront, but something that will cause a lack of support and comfort down the road well after you made your purchase. The cowhide lining that R.Watson puts into every western boot provides more body to the boot. That means a more comfortable and durable fit for you, every day.
2. Timeless 10 Row Stitch Pattern or Hand Cording
Every boot we make is premium, and each one needs a stitch or hand corded pattern to match. This classic pattern brings the history and heritage of the Cowboy Code into the culture of today. All of our boots have a stitch color or hand corded pattern specific to each style that creates a custom/aesthetically pleasing look.
3. Craftsmanship from Head to Toe
Every detail of our western and exotic boots gets hands-on attention from our master craftsman – and the toe is a big part of this. The toe of the boot is the portion that people see most, so it must have a great profile and a hand corded toe bug. We offer many toe profiles from medium and wide square, to medium and wide round, and even roper. We have the most popular toe profiles to fit today’s style.
4. Get Deep Down in Your Sole
Just like a house, the foundation of a boot is important. A 10 iron genuine leather outsole is the foundation of our western boot. It provides durability with just enough flex to provide the comfort all boot enthusiasts desire. The sole is channel stitched to the boot to keep the sole stitching from being exposed to the elements. It’s this attention to detail that provides a product that will last.
5. The Fine Details

Custom wheel leather welts and rands just like they did in the good ol’ days. R. Watson western boots have 8 stitches per inch, eliminating the softball stitch look of some other brands. We offer a classic finish like the boots your Grandpa handed down to you that also stood the test of time.

6. Wood Pegs & Nails
We put both lemonwood pegs and brass nails in all of our western boots. This means that as the conditions change (wet or dry, hot or cold) this hardware is built to change with it and keep the sole attached to the boot. It’s providing the best of both worlds in one boot.
7. All Leather Heels & Heel Counters
Many boots on the market today have a mix of particle board and leather heels. In all of our western boots, we went with a full leather stacked heel and molded leather on the heel counter. Our objective is not to cut corners, it is to provide a boot that you kids will wear one day.
8. Solid Steel Shank

To provide the most stability and durability possible, we developed a solid steel shank system that you’ll find in an R. Watson Boot. The solid steel shank system is then incorporated into a 1 piece insole system so you will never get that dreaded squeak again. This is something your friends and family will thank us for later.

9. All Around Comfort

From toe to heel, we’ve got you covered. Each boot has a comfort system which consists of layered padding from front to back with a leather top lining that allows for maximum comfort. No more heal covers peeling back when you take you foot out of the boot. It all adds up to a boot you can wear all day without batting an eye, and our customers are raving about it.

10. Game, Set, MATCH
For everything to look just right, everything has to work together. Some companies will cut corners on smaller details, reusing materials across the board – regardless of coloring. R.Watson uses matching heel rands, side seams, heel caps, and beading – all based on the color of your individual boot.
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