Finding a cowboy boot is easy. Finding a quality, handcrafted boot at a reasonable price is tough. R. Watson Boots is bringing back old-world craftsmanship… the genuine article… one pair at a time.

Relying on 40-plus years of experience with the best-known boot makers (and brands), Randy knows boots. His appreciation for superior craftsmanship, dedication to finding exceptional materials, understanding of the specifics of fit and his attention to detail are paramount in the marketplace. A consumer will be challenged to find a boot man as experienced and passionate as Randy Watson… or… a boot that is as equally impressive.


As a native Texan, this isn’t Randy Watson’s first rodeo as a ‘boot man’. Randy has been instrumental in building some of the largest brands in the business over the last four decades.

“I love the western lifestyle and the people who understand it. R. Watson Boots is a collaboration of folks who appreciate and believe in making authentic, beautiful western footwear. More importantly, a proud team who believes and inspires one another,” states Randy.

When asked about his family, Randy quickly points out his three grandkids first; his wife, Vicki; and three children, Ryan, Reed and Rachel. Ryan, the oldest has joined his dad in the business.

Ryan states, “together we are creating a culture where dreams and ideas turn into reality. I’ve always loved being a part of a team with endless opportunities and common goals. That’s when those ideas and dreams turn into success stories, and I believe the true spirit will shine through the products.”

“We want to create an opportunity for anyone who wants to be part of something special. Something that not only impacts the lives of consumers, but also our retail partners, our communities and our industry as well. The journey of R. Watson Boots has already been a blessing and I can’t wait to show the world what we have in store,” Ryan explains.

R. Watson Boots’ customers will immediately see firsthand the old-world craftsmanship, finest materials, quality construction and design. Customers will sense the passions put into every pair. It will be easy to be taken aback by the feel, touch and smell of leathers from around the world.

As impressive as the boot is the deep commitment Randy has in helping others. Highly regarded in many organizations, Randy’s volunteerism is inspiring; his involvement has been seen with the Texas Future Farmers of America (FFA), Texas Ranger Foundation, as an executive committee member of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, a life-time member of Houston Rodeo, and other established entities. In addition, Randy has been an elected official in his resident community. Equally impressive is he was recognized and appointed by former Texas Governor, Rick Perry, as a Texas Department of Public Safety Commissioner; a term he held for six years.

“My mentor John Justin, a Fort Worth civic leader, instilled a deep-rooted belief in me to always do more in the community than expected. I worked hard to make sure Mr. Justin’s legacy in sport medicine and crisis fund would remain intact and flourished even after Mr. Justin’s passing,” states Randy.

Simply put: R. Watson Boots is all about creating a culture of turning dreams into reality. A place where those who love and respect the western lifestyle can flourish. The team of R. Watson Boots are people who care about others and do business on a daily basis with a servant’s heart.


R. Watson Boots prides itself on our past and present involvement in the communities we serve. We look to continue to enrich the lives of children who are involved in agriculture, as well as families with loved ones in law enforcement. Please know your purchase makes a difference.